Nuevo with Jaime Maussán
Season 1 . 15 Episodes

In this exclusive series of Gaia, Jaime Maussán goes beyond mainstream media to analyze the most incredible phenomena and unresolved mysteries our planet. Join Jaime Maussán to witness the most surprising evidence that could clarify the greatest enigmas of our world, transform the history of humanity and confirm our place in the universe.

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Nuevo with Jaime Maussán (Trailer)
Episode 1
29 mins
Many people think that Roswell, NM is where the first alien ship fell. But recent investigations reveal that there were previous crashes in the region. For the first time in history, Jaime Maussán investigates three UFOs recovered in New Mexico, just after the first atomic bomb was detonated.
Episode 2
35 mins
One month after the first nuclear bomb test in San Antonio, New Mexico, four extraterrestrials were observed inside a UFO. In this incredible investigation, Jaime Maussán interviews the renowned UFOlogist, Paola Harris, who located the witnesses of the crash, giving light to this enigmatic case.
Episode 3
21 mins
As we continue investigating the San Antonio Case, Jaime Maussán interviews Remigio Vaca, one of the children who witnessed the crash of a flying disc in 1945. Not only was he one of the direct witnesses to the fall of the UFO, he also shows us a piece of metal that was extracted from the space ship.
Episode 4
26 mins
The truths about the San Antonio case have remained hidden for more than 70 years, and Jaime Maussán has managed to interview many different witnesses and experts who have shed light on this case. In this episode, Remi recounts his experiences with the military, aliens and the threats they received.
Episode 5
29 mins
In 1947, a second UFO crashed, near the Los Alamos nuclear plant. At this time, beings from other worlds took great interest in the growing nuclear arms race. This interest may have led to the crash and recovery of two ships, in the area.Jaime Maussán travels to the places of these crashes to interview the renowned Donald Schmitt.
Episode 6
23 mins
Despite the great efforts to cover up evidence of the Roswell case, Jaime Maussán interviews witnesses of this amazing event, gathering extraordinary testimonies. Many of these witnesses have remained silent for decades due to death threats.
Episode 7
25 mins
Jaime Maussán continues to investigate the Roswell case, exploring the government deviations that sought to cover up the famous UFO event. This great strategy of concealment managed to hide the facts from the public, that bodies and remains of a second ship were found.
Episode 8
23 mins
In the third 1948 UFO incident in Aztec, New Mexico, Fourteen extraterrestrial bodies were found. The event begins as a patrol car arrives at the scene where a ship had just descended upon a plateau.
Episode 9
28 mins
The Third Millennium team visits remote places where there were once huge and powerful radar systems that may have led to the crash of the extraterrestrial ships in New Mexico. Jaime Maussán accompanies important UFO investigators to these secret bases, which were only recently discovered through the investigation of military documents.
Episode 10
22 mins
Do you think there is life on Mars? Jaime Maussán gives us a new perspective on the existence of life outside the Earth as he begins a series of investigations into the great mysteries of Mars.
Episode 11
25 mins
We continue to explore the possibilities of life on Mars with Jaime Maussán. In recent decades, organisms have been discovered that can survive under the most extreme conditions on our own planet.
Episode 12
27 mins
Mars and its mysterious moon, Phobos, has become one of the biggest mysteries of our solar system. Explore, with Jaime Maussán, the peculiarities of this satellite.
Episode 13
23 mins
Jaime Maussán continues exploring the saga on Mars with by revealing incredible structures found on Mars. Evidence has come to light suggesting that there may have once been intelligent beings on Mars.
Episode 14
26 mins
In this chapter of the Mars saga, Jaime Maussán explores possible thermonuclear explosions on Mars. Evidence suggests that our close neighbor was once like Earth, with water and possibly life, but that it lost part of its atmosphere.
Episode 15
21 mins
We complete the saga of Mars with an exploration of possible teleportation trips to the red planet. Small scale teleportation is already a scientific reality, but there are scientists and lawyers who assure us, that humans frequently travel to Mars.