Postnatal Yoga Video
1 Season . 3 Episodes

Regain your shape, strength & energy while you nourish your spirit and thrive as a new mom with this postnatal yoga video.

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Phase Two (Preview)

The most trusted postnatal yoga video found anywhere, this award-winning program is designed to be both safe after childbirth and focused on muscles used in labor, delivery and caring for baby.
 Reconnect with your strength, your energy and your pre-pregnancy shape and lifestyle through the warmth, guidance and inspiration of instructor Shiva Rea.
This program is based on Shiva’s own experiences with post-delivery, new motherhood and working with new moms of all ages and levels of physical ability.
 Demonstrated by three instructors at different stages of new motherhood, this practice lets you do one, two or all three segments depending on how you feel day-to-day.

Teacher: Shiva Rea
Episode 1
16 mins
A practice around connection for new mothers. This floor-based class moves through core work, twists, and backbends to build strength and flexibility back into your body.
Episode 2
21 mins
A practice for new moms helps to increase balance, stability, and lower body power. Gentle hip openers and twists gradually lead to a relaxing cool down session.
Episode 3
2 mins
Renew, center, and calm yourself with a guided relaxation for postnatal moms.