Teas and Tonics for Sleep & Stress

Rachel Morrow
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Discover how to use natural ingredients that are known to help relieve stress and assist in promoting a restoring and restful night's sleep.

Here at Food Matters, you already know how passionate we are about inspiring our tribe to use food as medicine. Something else we are extra passionate about is helping the world to realize how powerful sleep is for our bodies - we heal, rebuild and replenish our bodies through deep, restful slumber, but for many us this isn't easy to achieve. How many of us can relate a lack of sleep to stress?

While it can take some time to develop the right habits for a restful and restorative sleep every night, there are some powerful ingredients you can begin using in the mornings and evenings in order to help assist your nervous system, digestive system and hormones reach a state of calm which will help you beat stress and gain a good night's sleep.