10-Minute Tapping Technique with Jennifer Partridge

Transcendence Extended Lessons with the Experts with Jennifer Partridge
S2:Ep710 mins2020

How has your journey into tapping been? Have you been using it to explore the deepest parts of yourself? Or can you feel resistance? After telling her heart-wrenching story in Transcendence Season 2, Jennifer Partridge shares her gift of tapping with you in this video. Trust the process; you are worthy of this love.

In this exclusive extended interview, you will learn:

— Why the feelings that come up are more important than ‘doing it right’.

— How to become aware of the challenges in your life.

— Different ways you can adapt a tapping script to suit your needs.

— Alternative tapping points you can use on the body, including the individual finger tapping points.

— How you can realize and accept your body’s needs.

— Techniques you can use to release resistance that arises.

Instructor/Host: Jennifer Partridge
Video Language: English