Using Plant Medicine to Heal with Nick Polizzi

The healing properties of plant medicine are abundant, but how do we know where to begin? What plants are the right ones for us? Author Nick Polizzi, of The Sacred Science, takes us on a journey deeper into the realm of healing through all that nature provides us.

In this exclusive extended interview, you will learn:

— Surprising health benefits of plants growing on your lawn. — Different ways to include healing plants in your food. — Why medicinal mushrooms are making a comeback and where you can find them. — How nature has an innate way of knowing and providing you with the antidotes you need. — Why you should be using adaptogens to reduce stress in the body and ways that herbalism can support your meditation journey. — How to find your own personal plant allies. — The role of cannabis in healing pain and how this is a gateway to discovering plant medicine.

Host: Nick Polizzi
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English