Akhenaton & the Holy Light
Arcanum with Clare and William Henry

From the heart of the galaxy, passing through the inter-dimensional gateway of our sun and reflected by the moon, we are continuously irradiated with divine light. Detecting this subtle spiritual energy requires a shift in our perceptual senses. This can come from spiritual initiations such as baptisms and special theurgical rites where this higher dimensional energy illuminates those who are open to receive it.

During the reign of Akhenaton and Nefertiti, a religion was established that worshiped this holy light that they called Aton. We can see their reception and transmission of this spiritual energy in the countless works of art. We also see strong correlations of these concepts within Christian artwork where the holy light is prominently displayed in depictions of the baptism and resurrection of Jesus and the Pentecost.

Clare and William Henry reveal the secrets of this divine light and how we can use it to achieve ascension.

Host: Clare and William Henry
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English