Pleiadean Kundalini Codes of Dendera

Ancient Civilizations
S3:Ep528 minsFebruary 8, 2021

Many scholars think that the greatest discovery of Dendera is the Zodiac displayed on the ceiling within the Temple of Hathor. But our team of experts reveal that the codes of the universe have been embedded throughout this temple’s structure awaiting the proper energetic activation of an awakened being.

The uniqueness of the Temple of Hathor came with the discovery that this is the only Egyptian temple aligned with the constellation of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper). Upon careful examination of the zodiacal images, we find the thirteenth zodiac of the serpent. This tells us that the key to unlocking these codes is the activation of kundalini energy. This is indeed a feminine temple, built in honor of the seven sisters goddesses, typified by the Pleiades and known in many ancient cultures. They all tells that these mothers have come to awaken humanity to their greatest potential. Could the interdimensionally encoded information of this temple remind us of our true origins and help us discover our light in the universe?

Featuring: Andrew Collins, William Henry, Freddy Silva, Anton Parks, Billy Carson, Sonja Grace, Gregg Braden, Matias De Stefano, Tricia McCannon, Crotalo Sesamo
Video Language: English