Aliens of the Deep

In the depths of our seas lives a strange creature with two enormous eyes, a soft boneless body, nine brains, three hearts, eight legs and a tearing double beak. This carnivorous predator can change shape and color at will and walk on land and sea. It can grow over five meters long and cross through fire. More than just a mollusk, the octopus is probably one of the smartest beings on the planet.

But just how intelligent is it? This question fascinates a number of scientists today. In Spain and Canada, scientists have set up special laboratories to test and measure the animal’s intelligence and analyze its unique nature. Octopuses undergo a slew of increasingly difficult problem-solving experiments proving that they use cognitive reasoning to adapt to their surroundings and that they have excellent memory and strong analytical skills. Finding a way out of a maze or removing a lid from a jar to capture a crab is child’s play for the octopus.

Don’t miss this astonishing wildlife documentary, as it unveils the hidden world of a mysterious animal.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish