Alternative Baking

1 hr, 5 minsJune 2012

For those with gluten sensitivity, homemade cookies and real sandwich bread may be a distant memory. But no longer! In this fun and informative class with Andrea Potter, learn about alternatives to glutenous flours.

You will learn how to make your own gluten-alternative, all purpose, whole flour mix. Healthy and economical, both sweet and savory! This class also uses alternatives to white sugar.

You will:

Learn more about gluten intolerance and what gluten is.

Learn which products contain gluten (some may surprise you!) and some good resources for G/F ingredients

Why some G/F products are dry and crumbly. ( And how to avoid this!)

Using whole grain flours, we’ll be making:

·Double chocolate cookies with peppermint cashew filling

·Seriously good sandwich bread

·Cinnamon raisin buns

·Pizza dough (!) and of course we’ll make our own pizzas