Avoiding GMOs

What kids eat really matters. GMOs are pervasive in processed foods, especially GMO sugar cane, GMO soy, GMO corn (including the ubiquitous corn syrup), as well as cottonseed oil and canola oil. Maybe as much as 80% of the food in a typical supermarket contains GMO ingredients. Eliminating most processed foods from the diet can be a great way to avoid GMOs. A tour with Jeffrey Smith through a health-food market highlights tips for identifying non-GMO foods.

Popular opinion can also work toward eliminating GMOs from our food. In May 2013, a loosely organized movement resulted in an estimated two million people protesting Monsanto, one of the leading GMO biotech firms. Many states are holding referendums that would require all GMO foods to be labeled as such. The biotech firms pour money into defeating these measures, knowing that citizens, given the information, would choose to avoid GMOs.

Featuring: Jeffrey M. Smith, Judy Converse, Dr. Gina S. Honeyman, Dr. Jill Carnahan, Dr. Pam Vagnieres
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English