What Do GMOs Do to Our Health?

GMOs bred with genetic pesticides kill insects by poking holes in the cells of their stomachs. Some tests on human cells show similar effects, despite claims by supporters that humans are not affected. And the danger of ingesting herbicides is easy to recognize. Many researchers consider GMO foods to be a source of increased digestive issues in humans, and especially children, causing inflammation and leading to much higher incidences of allergies and other environmental sensitivities since GMOs were introduced in 1996.

But substantial independent testing is nearly impossible to create, as scientists critical of GMOs are in danger of losing their funding and their jobs and of having their reputations attacked. What is the effect on people, animals and the environment? Despite assurances from the biotech industry – which, of course, has an enormous financial stake in GMO production – we truly don’t have long-term data yet for either humans or animals. Basically, we’re playing with a potential time bomb.

Featuring: Jeffrey M. Smith, Judy Converse, Dr. Gina S. Honeyman, Dr. Jill Carnahan, Dr. Pam Vagnieres
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English