Balancing the Chaos

What is the current direction of humanity's evolution? Legendary channeler Lee Harris returns to Gaia to share profound and timely insights from his channeled guides, The Z’s. These are some of the many gems of wisdom the Z’s share to guide us through this planetary transition:

Earth is coming online in ways we have never experienced. This transmission is multidimensionality in action. The bliss bunnies are bringing balance to emotional rage machines. If we could show you how many things have been averted when it comes to destruction, you would feel horrified at first and then relieved. We are witnessing the push and pull between the forces that want to divide us and the future of consciousness.

While humanity is experiencing an unstable world, we are moving beyond our "war imprint" and discovering our heart- energy gifts for healing and spiritual connection.

Lee Harris is a channeler and empath who has been receiving communication from his guides, the Z’s, since 1999. He is an accomplished author of many books including Conversations with the Z’s, Book One: The Energetics of the New Human Soul.

Featuring: Lee Harris
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English