Building a Partnership Society

200852 mins

Riane Eisler, author of the Chalice and the Blade, has made it her life’s work to study many of the historical social systems of the world. In her studies, she noticed patterns of events highlighting a constant struggle between partnership-based systems and domination systems. Fortunately, we appear to be trending toward a more partnership-based world society. To show this, she highlights three trends happening all over the world, in different degrees where domination is slowly eroding away.

However, there is still a growing gap between the rich and poor, and a renewed emphasis on using strong authoritarianism and cultural traditions in order to reaffirm the control of domination systems. Despite this ongoing struggle, there is hope. Eisler offers steps that we can take to bring change to our own societies. From altering the public conversation to discovering the tools that can be used for cultural transformation, we all can help in building a partnership society.