Caesar’s Messiah with Joseph Atwill

Has the second coming has already happened and we missed it? Joseph Atwill has uncovered evidence which suggests that the ancient Roman government spun the greatest story ever told. It was their intention to derail a decade’s long rebellion by coopting extant mythologies in the creation of a messiah sympathetic to Rome. With the close of the war, Titus Flavius would then be heralded as the returning messiah, and the right of divine rule would begin. Learn more in this interview with Sean Stone.

While studying the two most prominent works of the 1st century – Josephus’, Wars of the Jews and the Gospels, Joseph Atwill noticed a series of parallels occurring in sequence between the military campaign of the Roman Caesar Titus Flavius and the ministry of Jesus. His findings led him to a startling new conclusion about the origins of Christianity. The results of Atwill’s research are set out in his book, Caesar’s Messiah.

Host: Sean Stone
Featuring: Joseph Atwill
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English