Food Matters Main Meal Recipes
1 Season . 27 Episodes

Expand your dinner menu with this series where Filmmaker and FMTV Co-Founder James Colquhoun shows you how to make nourishing main meals that are full of goodness and rich in flavor!

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Filmmaker and FMTV Co-Founder James Colquhoun shows you how to make nourishing main meals that are full of goodness and rich in flavor! There’s something for everybody with a range of raw, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes!

Host: James Colquhoun
Episode 1
2 mins
Why cauliflower? Not only is it delicious, but cauliflower is a known cancer-fighter that helps the liver to remove excess estrogen from the body. Try this tasty Cauliflower Mash with your next meal.
Episode 2
3 mins
This crunchy nut and herb crust adds a delicious texture and flavor. We love this with a side salad or some homemade sweet potato fries!
Episode 3
3 mins
This amazing dish will fill your home with the incredible aromas of Moroccan herbs and spices. It’s perfect paired with quinoa or cauliflower mash.
Episode 4
4 mins
A lower-carb alternative to regular pizza that sneaks in some extra veg! We love this Italian-style topping, but you can add as many extra veggies as you like to make it your own!
Episode 5
2 mins
A household staple that’s easy to make and adds incredible flavor to your dishes! Make it as a soup or use it as a replacement for regular stock.
Episode 6
1 min
A crowd-pleasing dish. Serve it as a main, a side dish or as a filling for bell peppers, lettuce cups and more!
Episode 7
2 mins
This colorful salad is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support your health and it tastes amazing! The spiced yogurt dressing really takes it to a whole other level!
Episode 8
3 mins
This light and tasty dish is perfect for sharing with friends and family. It’s quick to make and fills you up!
Episode 9
3 mins
The key ingredients in this nourishing salad are rich in vitamins and minerals that help give your skin that radiant glow.
Episode 10
3 mins
A full-flavored curry that’s the ultimate comfort food. Make in bulk and store portions in the freezer for those nights when you need a quick, nourishing meal!
Episode 11
3 mins
Cooking fish in a bag helps to infuse the flavors and lock in the moisture. This steamed fish is aromatic and incredibly soft. A simple, delicious dish!
Episode 12
3 mins
Fritters make a great meal anytime of day! Make a big batch, freeze them, and reheat when needed for a quick and easy meal solution!
Episode 13
3 mins
One of our absolute favorites! It’s quick to make and tastes just as good as the regular pasta version, without the heavy feeling post-meal!
Episode 14
3 mins
Who says you can't make friends with salad? We think you can with this salad that is both delicious and nutritious.
Episode 15
4 mins
Caesar Salad is one of those deceiving dishes tricking you into thinking it’s healthy. Too often, though, the store-bought varieties are loaded with highly processed dressings that include refined sugars, stabilizers and hidden nasties.
Episode 16
5 mins
This gut-healing chicken soup is brimming with nature's bounty. The base is made from gut-healing bone broth and packed full of nutrient-packed vegetables
Episode 17
3 mins
Simple is sometimes best! A vegetarian stir- fry thrown into the weekly meal routine is a great way to use up leftover vegetables and up your daily fiber intake.
Episode 18
3 mins
This is the perfect lunch to take to work. Simply pack the night before in a big glass jar, add hot water and you will have a delicious healthy soup in minutes!
Episode 19
5 mins
This warming bean stew is hearty, comforting and only takes moments to prepare.
Episode 20
3 mins
Not your usual boring sandwich. This open sandwich is quick and easy to make and perfect for lunch any day of the week.
Episode 21
6 mins
This healthy, flavorsome fish curry is full of warming exotic spices and packs a flavor punch.
Episode 22
4 mins
A delicious gluten-free version of the Italian favorite, pesto pasta served with a side of steamed vegetables, is simple and sure to satisfy.
Episode 23
4 mins
For all you Mexican food lovers out there, this recipe is bound to satisfy your taste buds. This tasty Mexican dish is packed full of herbs and spices.
Episode 24
4 mins
This warming soup is as delicious as it is nourishing. The combination of ginger, lemongrass, and chili culminate in a perfect aromatic fusion that will delight the senses.
Episode 25
3 mins
Packed with nutrient-rich vegetables, this vegetable soup will nourish you from the inside out!
Episode 26
3 mins
A simple and delicious Indian spiced cauliflower soup with a warming depth of flavor!
Episode 27
5 mins
This healing detox broth is extraordinarily rich in nutrients and makes for a great base for soups.