Charting the Soul's Journey

How does the soul chart its journey from incarnation and beyond?

Erika Gabriel, a spiritual medium and teacher, specializes in bridging connections between the living and disincarnate spirits, offering solace through messages to loved ones. She also navigates the delicate emotional terrain of consoling those coping with the loss of family members, an essential aspect of her line of work.

In this enlightening dialogue, Gabriel shares the multifaceted reasons why a soul may incarnate and swiftly return to the other side. She further explores the transient agreements and lessons of unconditional love that accompany their existence, as well as the guardianship that’s available when they cross over.

Although these discussions can inherently be sensitive, Gabriel offers a comforting perspective by reassuring us that our souls are eternal, continuously evolving, and transitioning through various forms.

Featuring: Erika Gabriel
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English