The Rise of Medical Intuitives in Healthcare

What would be possible if medical intuitives were integrated into healthcare institutions?

Wendie Colter, a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner and founder of The Practical Path, postulates that the incorporation of medical intuitives throughout healthcare facilities could promise a more efficient approach to identifying and alleviating underlying issues.

Colter offers insights into the crucial link between unresolved energy and our physical well-being. Stress, overwork, and emotional burdens can become trapped within the body, leading to diseases and ailments that defy traditional diagnosis. Colter also highlights that by addressing these root causes, patients can experience accelerated relief. This work is supported by a recent blind study showing 94% accuracy in diagnosis by medical intuitives.

While such collaborations were once clandestine, they are now gaining widespread recognition. As a result, the industry is experiencing exponential growth and offering hope to patients across the globe.

Featuring: Wendie Colter
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