Cleansing Greens

47 minsApril 2012

Much more than lettuce! Everybody has heard that ‘getting your greens’ is important for overall health. But did you know that green foods are alkalizing? Alkaline foods help to prevent illness in the body, revitalizing us on a cellular level. Learn the benefits and preparation methods for all sorts of greens!

Learn tasty recipes and unique ways to incorporate greens like (locally abundant) kale and chard into your diet with Andrea Potter and Rooted Nutrition. Cooked or raw? How to optimize the nutrition that green foods provide. Also, learn how alkalizing foods like greens benefit our health.

Recipes in this video include kale chips, chard rolls with quinoa and kale pesto, roasted garlic and spring greens soup and what to do with mustard greens! Also find information on freezing greens.

(*seasonal, egg-free, veggie, wheat-free)