The Complete Guide to Channeling

56 mins2006
Featuring: Barbara Marx Hubbard, Terry Cole Whittaker, Ken Carey, Marcel Vogel, Jach Pursel

Barbara Marx Hubbard sits with four channeling experts to learn their techniques for connecting with your inner self, or your spirit guide, or to channel a higher being. Though the methods differ from person to person, the experts agree that channeling has a great importance for connecting with one’s higher self and spiritual development.

Jach Pursel explains his understanding of the channeling process. Then he enters trance and channels Lazaris who offers advice on channeling. Marcel Vogel, leading crystal expert, explains the importance of using crystals for channeling and presents a demonstration of someone else using a crystal to invoke the goddess Pele. Terry Cole Whittaker channels her higher self, exclusively and explains what a person’s higher knowing is and the difference between channeling external entities vs. higher self. Ken Carey, author of The Star Seed Transmissions and Visions, explains different channeling states and holds an in-depth channeling workshop giving basic channeling techniques.