The Dangers of Being an SSP Insider

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock
S9:Ep829 minsFebruary 13, 2018Guest: Emery Smith

During his tenure within secret programs Emery Smith worked to advance his security clearance to access secrets which confirm the testimonies from other insiders who were once a part of the secret space program. He tells us of antigravity craft and portal technology used to transport personnel to off-world bases as well as the information storage devices they use. Highlighting the dangers he faces, he tells of repeated home invasions, which are meant as threats to keep what he knows secret. Despite their efforts, he comes forward to reveal what they do not want you to know. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast February 13, 2018.

Instructor/Host: David Wilcock
Featuring: Emery Smith
Video Language: English