In many ways the Earth is a six-trillion-ton battery. This battery is constantly being replenished by lightning and solar radiation. And, just like a car battery is in charge of the electrics for your car, the Earth is in charge of the electrics of Earth – all animals and living things that are on this surface of this Earth. Water, bugs, viruses, animals and humans – everything in and around us is in electrical energy and communication with the Earth.

All energy, all movement, all the emotion, all behavior comes from electrical energy. So when we get grounded, when we get earthed, what comes from the Earth is a magnetic field. This magnetic field, which is well recognized by the scientific and medical profession, is responsible for regenerating us. This regeneration, which occurs from our feet up, feeds the fifty trillion cells in your body that are totally relying upon electrical magnetic fields to communicate, to pass on nutrients, to pass on water.

Featuring: Ty Hungerford
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English