Egyptian Stargate Discovery

What secrets were revealed when a British officer stumbled upon a hidden stargate underneath an unfinished pyramid in Egypt?

Richard Doty, a retired counterintelligence agent, shares the story of a 1928 Egyptian expedition led by Army Colonel Blumenthal. Blumenthal's records reveal a startling discovery: a buried stargate beneath Egypt's pyramids. On the other side of the stargate, he encountered nonhuman beings, witnessed spacecraft building pyramids, and even managed to bring a human back from another dimension.

This discovery sparked Operation Nile Dawn, a CIA-led exploration, that exposed mile-long tunnels under Giza, uncovering well-preserved stores of food, a peculiar brick-like object powered by ancient technology, and an immovable UFO.

Host: Emery Smith
Featuring: Richard Doty
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English