ET Intervention for Upcoming Pole Shift

Can changes to the Earth’s magnetic poles as well as the coronal mass ejections from our sun be positively influenced by ET intelligence and humanity’s collective consciousness?

Tim, the Tactical Advisor from Germany, delves into a fascinating conversation with Emery Smith about this current and extraordinary time in our planetary cycle. If the Earth's magnetic poles undergo transformations, the core and crust will alter their speed and direction, potentially leading to unprecedented cataclysmic natural events not seen since prediluvian times. Yet, this shift also presents an intriguing opportunity for the collective consciousness, including Gaia's interconnected community, to implement the Maharishi Effect through focused meditation and influence a positive outcome.

Tim offers insights into external forces, contemplating the role of ET intelligences on the various timelines intertwined with the impending pole shift. Could the intervention of diverse extraterrestrial species offer humanity a glimmer of hope in these uncertain times?

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish, German