For most, insomnia is a passing phase, for some, insomnia becomes a chronic problem. Episode Two of Chasing Sleep is all about the stress of not being able to sleep. Adrian discusses the topic of insomnia with two sleep doctors who specialize in insomnia. What are the common and uncommon causes of insomnia? What triggers insomnia? What can insomniacs do to improve their sleep? Does milk before bed really enhances sleep? Does reading in bed inhibit sleep?

With the doctors’ help, Adrian plays the “Insomniac Myth Buster.” Adrian experiments with various remedies for insomnia. He distills facts from fiction and hearsay. You’ll come away from this episode with a deeper understanding of insomnia and a practical knowledge of what you can do should you (or a family member) be suffering from insomnia.

Instructor/Host: Adrian Pang
Video Language: English