Fly agaric is a mushroom from the same family of mushrooms as death cap toadstool with a history of sacred ritual use that spans across Europe and Asia. A group of three specialists gather to observe the effects of fly agaric on two volunteers agreeing to ingest the substance. These specialists are testing three things: how the active chemicals affect the brain; measure the effects on sensation and perceptions; weighing the subjective experience. The process of observation is very controlled and scientific by establishing pre-ingestion control data and comparing with post-ingestion results. After the tests are complete, the specialists gather, again, to discuss the results and debate their interpretations. It is agreed that fly agaric does alter perception but how that perception is altered is still a mystery.

Featuring: Dr. Andrew Sherratt, Michael Carmichael, Dr. Cosmo Hollstrom, Dr. Joanna Iddon, Ed Taylor, Johnny Green
Video Language: English