The Forgotten Himalaya

201151 mins

Humla is a small and remote Nepalese district that is home to some 80,000 mountain dwellers. Its high and unclimbed peaks lie nestled on the borders of India and Tibet. Due to its remoteness and harsh climate, the people live in extreme poverty and face the constant threat of malnutrition and lack of health care. One concern is the high number of cataract cases due to exposure to the harsh elements of the climate. One woman is working to ease the suffering.

Wanda Vivequin has founded a program, called Caps for Cataracts. She solicits donations of baseball caps from Canadians, then distributes them among the people scattered throughout the region. To facilitate this program, she distributes the caps as part of guided treks she offers to tourists. We follow her along one such trek as she touches lives and brings healing to one of the most remote places on earth.