Full Body Strengthening and Toning

This is a PranaVayu summary flow, filmed live in Boston with David Magone. This challenging 1 hour sequence is designed to provide optimal results for those with limited time to practice. Designed to be practiced as a stand alone routine three times per week, this class includes traditional guided breathing practices, a full warm-up and cool-down cycle and a structured sequence of poses intended to systematically strengthen and stretch your entire body. To help you learn to consciously relax, this class also includes a full 15 minutes of guided meditation in savasana. For optimal effect, practice this video on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. PranaVayu accelerated classes are designed to help you build full body strength and flexibility as quickly as possible by applying scientific principles to weekly practice routines. Click to read the full description of the PranaVayu method and how to follow the complete 3 week cycle for optimal benefits.

Teacher: David Magone
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English