Level 2-3

Students with a working knowledge of the basics and alignment may explore level 2-3 classes to work with more advanced variations. Explore new and familiar shapes, along with inversions, arm balances, and deeper postures. Expect minimal instruction on the basics and deeper instruction on more complex asana. Gaia’s level 2-3 yoga classes are typically best enjoyed by those who have an established understanding of yoga fundamentals including the alignment and names of commonly seen asanas (postures) as well as common styles of yogic breath (pranayama). Whether you currently have a regular yoga routine or have had one in the past and are looking to dive back in, the level 2-3 online yoga videos led by Gaia’s experienced teachers can help you find new depths. A number of classes in this level 2-3 collection will feature a liberal use of Sanskrit, sometimes without the English translation. You may also expect to hear anatomical references and terms used throughout these yoga practices. Gaia’s online yoga teachers may also use level 2-3 classes to engage in a richer knowledge of yogic philosophy including a more pronounced use of the chakra system (energetic centers in the body), creative use of mudra (hand gestures) and mantra (phrase of intention in Sanskrit or English), and inclusion of traditional yogic stories. Physically, level 2-3 classes may explore more complex shapes in arm balances such as handstand or flying splits, in backbends such as one-legged upward-facing bow or king cobra, or in flexibility-based asanas such as front splits or compass pose. For those curious about more advanced yogic breath techniques, Gaia’s catalogue of level 2-3 yoga classes can introduce the challenge you need to move further down the path of your pranayama practice.

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