Gentle Birth Choices

52 mins1993
Featuring: Barbara Harper

Childbirth is a normal and natural process that women have been doing since the dawn of humanity. It has only been in the past several decades that the medical industry has insisted on taking control of the birth process. Today, natural childbirth, with medical assistance when necessary, is becoming more prevalent. Barbara Harper, R.N. visits a natural childbirth center to present many of the options that are available.

We join several mothers, and fathers, who are giving birth using one or more natural birthing techniques such as water birth, home birth, midwifery, and more. In addition, we hear from midwives and medical professionals who attest to the benefits of natural childbirth while explaining complications that can arise from too much medical intervention.

Editors note: Several natural child births are shown, as they actually happened, in which the mothers are unclothed.