Hacking Human Biology

Gaia's new original series, 'Biohacking' with Dave Asprey, will release on October 16th.

What if plant-based diets, chronic cardio workouts, and relentless routines at home and work are the cause of fatigue, burnout, and dysregulation… instead of the cure?

Dave Asprey, bestselling author and host of the new Gaia series “Biohacking,” has dedicated his adult life to deep research and testing of humanity’s natural efficiencies. When we change the quality of our biology to match animal instincts, Asprey believes it’s possible to save our energy and spend it more efficiently.

Discover Asprey’s reasoning behind “hard work is a toxic belief,” and dive into his accessible technologies like reduced exertion training. Hear how he hacks sleep, offers new nutritional guidance, balances hormones, and manages histamine response.

Featuring: Dave Asprey
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English