Hacking the Afterlife

In this sequel to the documentary Flipside, best selling author Richard Martini explores three different methods of "Hacking" or accessing the afterlife. One is via hypnotherapy, interviews with Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, Scott De Tamble, Dr. Wambach and footage from various hypnotherapy sessions. The second method is via mediumship, with interviews featuring Jennifer Shaffer, Kimberly Ray and James Van Praagh via a segment that Richard Martini produced for the Charles Grodin show. The third is through guided meditation with someone who has had an NDE or a consciousness altered event being asked simple questions about a memory they have. NDE experiencers Steph Arnold, Josh Davidow, David Bennett, guided meditation with Dr. Drew Pinsky and others are featured. These are three methodologies combined offer proof not only that an "afterlife" exists; but is accessible to anyone who takes the time to explore these modalities.

Featuring: Michael Newton, Scott De Tamble, Jennifer Shaffer, Kimberly Ray, Howard Schultz
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English