Healing From Disease with Charlotte Gerson

In this video you’ll discover:

  • Dr Max Gerson’s story about his health problems when he was 25
  • Dr Gerson’s migraine headache cure diet
  • How to use apples and natural vegetarian foods to heal
  • How to heal Lupus vulgaris (skin tuburculosis TB) using diet
  • The link between cancer and fats and the missing fat, flax!
  • How Dr Gerson cured a lung TB patient certified by 3 doctors to be incurable
  • How Dr Gerson went from the migraine diet to healing TB to cancer
  • Sloan kettering research on cancer patients who had high cholesterol and the increase in their healing response time This segment is part of Food Matters Mastery
Featuring: Charlotte Gerson
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English