Superfoods & Deficiencies with Dr. Ian Brighthope

Food Matters Mastery
S1:Ep188 mins

In this video you'll discover:

- Dr Brighthopes take on superfoods and raw foods

- What superfoods help with sunburns (spirulina and barley grass)

- RDIs and how some nutrient deficiencies can cause major illness

- Symptoms of a low level vitamin C intake

- Why doctors might recommend you an anti-depressant when you could just be low in Vitamin C

- The immediate impact of drinking a glass of wine or smoking a cigarette on your health

- The story of a young woman with a cervical legion and how it could simply be a folic acid deficiency too much alcohol or you may have a baby with birth defect or you may not even conceive

- The safety of natural therapies in comparison to conventional therapies

- How vitamins can protect you agains toxins in the environment and in our food

This segment is part of Food Matters Mastery


FeaturingDr Ian Brighthope