How Gluten Affects Your Mood, Skin & Gut with Tom O'Bryan

Join world-renowned expert in the field of gluten-related disorders, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, & celiac disease, Dr. Tom O’Bryan as he dives deep into gluten and the numerous effects it has on the body. With such a high percentage of people claiming to be gluten-intolerant, we could ask if it is just a fad, after all, our ancestors ate so much wheat! Dr. Tom O’Bryan helps us navigate what seems to be a trend and explains the science behind it. Plus, he unpacks the myriad of symptoms that point to a gluten intolerance.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • How infertility led him to a deep study of autoimmune conditions
  • The endless list of symptoms that point to a sensitivity to wheat
  • The mechanisms of gut permeability and the link it has to autoimmune conditions and health in general
  • What happens to everyone when they eat wheat - celiac or not
  • How wheat went from being the optimal crop, to the danger that it is today
  • The difference between coeliac disease and gluten-sensitivity
  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s tips for creating a healthy environment in the gut
Featuring: Tom O'Bryan
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English