Human Origins Summit Part 1

A panel of experts has gathered to explore the origin of humankind. Each of them is an expert in their respective fields and brings their own understanding of how humans came to be. Though some of their views may differ, what they agree upon is profound in respect to the true nature of humanity. It seems that human beings are not just mechanistic animals with the sole purpose of consumption. Rather, we come from something greater and many are just awakening to their true creative potential.

In order to grasp the complexity of what it means to be human, we must first understand the multiple layers of density and dimensions that make up the realms of our existence. This leads to the notion that nonphysical entities moved through increasingly lower levels of density in order to merge with the physical human form. We will also examine why we exist in a universe that is perfectly suited to support life. Was all of this an accident, or a carefully executed plan?

What you learn from this panel discussion may well change you view on what it means to be human and the true limits of our creative potential.

Featuring: Michael Cremo, Patrick Flanagan, Joan Walker, Paul Laviolette, Bill Tiller, Jim Self
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English