Human Origins Summit Part 2

Our panel of experts has returned, once again, to delve even deeper into the origins of mankind. This time, we will be exploring various timelines of events that have shaped human consciousness and civilization. All of this stems from the consequences of merging higher forms of consciousness with the physical form of the human body. The road to get where we are has not been easy, and there is much more in store for us as a greater percentage of the population begins to awaken to their true potential.

It all started 50 million years ago, or maybe only 200,000 years ago. A decision was made by nonphysical entities to merge with physical matter in order to experience an individuated existence. This merger was not easy and the resulting fear and memory loss led to the dominance of the animal brain over the higher consciousness inhabiting the body. Over the eons, civilizations rose and fell and natural disasters shaped mankind in unforeseen ways. The spiritual parents that once helped humanity achieve consciousness in physical form have returned to help us remember who and what we really are.

Despite the bumpy road, we are about to witness the awakening of all humanity into a state of wellbeing where everyone will realize the infinite potential for creation.

Featuring: Michael Cremo, Patrick Flanagan, Joan Walker, Paul Laviolette, Bill Tiller, Jim Self
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English