Interstellar Links to Göbekli Tepe

Was Göbekli Tepe built as a sacred interstellar portal connecting the people of Earth with extraterrestrial civilizations? As we conclude Season One, our team of researchers explain that Göbekli Tepe is aligned with the Cygnus constellation and constructed in harmonic resonance with the periodic signals beaming from one of the constellation’s stars. These signals have been found to be transmitting multiples of eleven, which can be found in Pascal’s triangle, and encoded within the placement of the megalithic pillars. As the world’s oldest monument, built in the cradle of civilization, this discovery may be our strongest evidence connecting the establishment of human civilization under the rule of the Annunaki.


✓ Proof of Alien Civilizations? – Astrophysicists theorized the pulsing of Tabby’s star in the Cygnus constellation to be caused by the movements of a massive artificial structure, perhaps a Dyson sphere.
✓ Geometric Patterns Across the Cosmos – Astronomers detected signals from Tabby's star that have a startlingly regularity, reflecting multiples of 11 that can be found in Pascal’s triangle. ✓ Why was Göbekli Tepe Hidden? – Most archeologists believe the site is 13,000 years old and deliberately buried to conceal its secret from the world until an appointed time. ✓ Göbekli Tepe’s True Age – Archeologists believe this site was constructed near the end of the last ice age and in use for 1,500 years before it was abandoned in 8,000 BC. It could, however, date back much further, as evidence from the site shows humans may have lived there millions of years ago.

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