Khem: The New Atlantis

During the Age of Virgo, we find the crumbling of the Atlantean Empire. This was a time when the sacred temples stopped sharing in a rotating power structure and people stopped being educated in the vibrational language of the universe. Atlantis was disintegrating from an Empire into new colonies, fighting for independence. Matias De Stefano shares his memories of his life in Khem, a colony of Atlantis, that was located along the Nile river in what is now known as Egypt. This colony was built to become the “New Atlantis”, a place where humans were once again taught how to become Gods and Goddesses. Through Matias’ memories during the Age of Leo, we uncover a deeper understanding of the design of Pyramids, the Halls of Amenti that Djehuty and the ancient Atlantean ancestors used to preserve their cosmic knowledge and how Khem was able to reignite the ancient knowledge to become a new “Mother Civilization” on the planet.

Audio Languages: English, French, German
Subtitles: English, French, German