Spiritual Beliefs of Atlantis

To help find ways back to the core of creation, the universe created many different paths for living beings to follow that lead to the same source of truths. These teachings are realized in the 3rd dimension as spiritual practices and religions. Matias De Stefano reveals the core of these sacred teachings as they come to us through the archangels transmitting their vibrational wisdom to us. He explains that no matter what names our cultures use to call upon the gods and angels, they are all aspects of the universe which we realize within the Self.

In Atlantean times, the faces of different animals were used to represent the spirit of different groups of workers in the region. These ideals became reflected in the animal-headed gods of Egypt, which inspired various animal revering beliefs. As we delve a bit deeper into the spiritual practices of Atlantis, we learn to see the many paths of universal truth like the Atlanteans did, as a great spider web with all paths leading back to the core.

Audio Languages: English, French, German
Subtitles: English, French, German