Kristen Morrison Interview
FMTV Special Expert Interviews with James Colquhoun

When Kristen’s third child was born, she and her husband were devastated to find that he had Down syndrome. Faced with the traditional bleak prospects for her new baby’s diagnosis, Kristen embarked on intensive research of natural therapies and implemented many of them with her son. From here Kristen needed to chronicle and document her findings. This is where 'Naturally Better Kids' began - a book and website based on providing resources for parents to help their children be at their best – naturally. In this interview Kristen will answer the following questions;

  • How did you deal emotionally with the diagnosis of your son being born with Down syndrome?
  • What were some the initial reactions and challenges that came up for you?
  • What was the pivotal experience of the news of and how did you let family find out?
  • What was the big turning point in the way you approached healing?
  • What it was like trying to find information on how to help heal your son? What were some first glimmers of hope?
  • From a nutritional point of view, what were some of the key distinctions you made in regard to Gryffin’s diet?
  • Could you expand further on what some of the core pillars of the program were and the results you saw?
  • How does the 'Grow Foundation' support families with children with issues?
  • How is Gryffin progressing and what is his life like now?
  • How to be encouraged by signs of making a difference, feed on those things and remain empowered
  • What is your legacy or mission you hope to leave with the work you are doing?
Host: James Colquhoun
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