Suddenly in the year 1307, every Knight Templar in France, all 5,000 of them, were arrested in a highly coordinated dawn swoop. Advocates of the King of France sensationally claimed that the Knights Templar were guilty of Heresy and after a lengthy trial, presided over by the Pope himself, the Order was eventually found guilty. The Order of the Temple was officially expunged, all of its property was forfeit and its leaders were burned to death.

But the story of the Knights Templar does not end there. In the seven centuries after their destruction, a host of rumors, myths and legends have grown up around the legacy of the Order of the Temple. Few people believe that such a powerful corporation could be caught by surprise and totally annihilated. Legends abound of buried treasure, lost maps and mysterious knowledge passed down through the centuries by generations of secret societies. Some of these tales are entirely fictional but not all...

Featuring: Malcolm Barber, David Nicolle
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English