The 900-Year Secret of the Knights Templar — Part 2

The conclusion of Freddy Silva’s two-part lecture presentation about a well-kept secret about the Knights Templar, asking what if the Templars were active in Europe a decade before their “official” creation in the Holy Land. Were they carrying out a covert exercise to create Europe's first independent nation-state, and there established a kingdom within a kingdom?

Based on material from his explosive book First Templar Nation, bestselling author Silva reveals a previously unknown chapter in the story of these enigmatic knights. He explores the Grail, its location, the Templar’s secret initiation chambers, and evidence that the knights practiced an ancient ritual in which candidates were “risen from the dead.”

All this in the one place no one has ever thought to look.

Host: Freddy Silva
Featuring: Freddy Silva
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English