Scott Wolter: Cryptic Code of the Templars in America

The 1968 discovery of a mysterious brass device in the Hudson River led to the purchase of a twelfth-century document that chronicles discoveries under the Temple Mount during the First Crusade. Documents recovered led to a Templar voyage to recover First Century scrolls in North America in 1178-80. In 2016, the Cryptic Council Select Master Degree revealed a code within the Kensington Rune Stone inscription that revealed the Templar’s Secret Vault in Montana. Guarded by indigenous people, Meriwether Lewis confirmed the “crown jewel” of the Louisiana Purchase for President Thomas Jefferson. Thus confirming the founding of America began not in 1776, but in 1362.

Geologist and television personality Scott Wolter is best known as the host of Travel’s hit show America Unearthed, which follows him on his quest to uncover the truth behind controversial historic artifacts and sites found throughout North America, and beyond. Scott is the author of several books including, The Kensington Rune Stone: Compelling New Evidence, The Hooked X: Key to the Secret History of North America and Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers. His latest book in the series, Cryptic Code of the Templars in America, is due out in early September of 2019.

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