Life's Purpose: Destiny in Your Hands

Do you hold the entire world within the palm of your hands, including your life’s purpose?

According to Vernon Mahabal, a respected Palmist and Director of The Palmistry Institute, our hands serve as tangible reflections of our soul's journey. Each curve and crease contains the secrets of our past, present, and potential future. Even the lengths of our fingers and the positions of our thumbs offer profound insights into our individual personality traits.

Mahabal also shares that he frequently receives inquiries revolving around life's purpose. He highlights a striking reality: only around 5% of individuals are aligned with their true destiny. However, with the profound insights embedded within the lines of our hands, we hold the key to steering ourselves toward the path that aligns with our highest timeline.

Featuring: Vernon Mahabal
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English