Mali: Ataer, Child of the Sands

Children of the Desert
S1:Ep126 mins1998

There are some places on earth where reality passes beyond imagination. Lost in the heart of the Sahara, at the northern most point of Mali, the Adrar of Ifoghas is one these places. It is home to the Touareg people.

Ataer Ag Bail is thirteen years old, the son of the regional chieftain, and he lives in Ighoras with his family. Every Monday morning, he walks 20 kilometers to get to school. He spends the whole week there, staying at his cousin’s house, in the Intadeyni camp. Every weekend, he comes back home. Sometimes, someone gives him a lift, either by car or camel. Some days, when he’s not lucky, he has to walk back home.

In Ighoras camp, Ataer is a privileged child. Only very few are allowed to go to the school of the Adrar of Ifoghas.

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