Meditation to Elevate Emotional Frequency

Expand your heart's capacity and elevate your consciousness to new heights with the wisdom of Reverend Michael Beckwith as he leads you through an extraordinary meditation.

In this lesson, Reverend Michael Beckwith serves as your guide to help you:

✓ Uncover the inner knowing of your unique gifts, desires, and destiny, deepening your connection with your authentic self. ✓ Experience a profound sense of freedom from fulfilling all your needs, creating a harmonious alignment within. ✓ Expand your perception of what is possible by making contact with a glimpse into a reality that transcends limitations.

What makes this meditation special is the palpable truth that surfaces – you are a master of manifestation, and your desires are unfolding now.

Home play: • Listen to this meditation. • Write for five minutes about what it evokes within you.

Audio Languages: English