Neuroscience & Precognition: Julia Mossbridge Extended Interview

Is precognition an exclusive privilege reserved for a chosen few or an innate potential for all individuals? Cognitive neuroscientist and futurist Julia Mossbridge unveils the essence of mastering one's inner knowing.

Mossbridge boldly distinguishes between intuition, precognition, and remote viewing. She shares that Intuition typically relies on past experiences or current data, while precognition offers insights into the future beyond conventional understanding. Remote viewing, is an independent ability unaffected by present circumstances.

Studies now show that there is scientific importance to adopting a receptive stance rather than an active pursuit when desiring to tap into your precognition. To access the subtle cues embedded in the quantum field, one must embrace the role of a receiver, allowing insights to flow effortlessly into consciousness, suggesting that this skill is not limited to a chosen elite but is potentially innate to all individuals.

Featuring: Julia Mossbridge
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English