No Vinyasa Vinyasa

There’s gluten-free, dairy-free… and now Andrea Marcum's vinyasa-free yoga practice! We step outside the chaturanga box on this one and make our way through a challenging flow without our usual A & B series suspects. There are opportunities for arm balances, and plenty of modifications along our way. Fear not. I’ve got lots of chaturangas up my sleeve for other classes it’s just fun to try a different recipe from time to time.It’s important to remember that the asana (pose) is only one of the eight limbs of yoga. A huge part of furthering and deepening our practice is to be willing to back off the asana enough that we can access things like our pranayama (breath) pratyahara (inward turn) and Samadhi (a blissful connection to something higher). Whether you are new to yoga, or rather seasoned, be willing to take a child’s pose when you need one, and investigate these subtle aspects. You’ll find more joy and fewer injuries that way.Props: Strap and blocks Featuring music by Jason Kent

Teacher: Andrea Marcum
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English