Level 3

Designed for experienced yogis with a regular practice over several years, level 3 classes move at a faster pace with minimal instruction. With the strength, stamina, and flexibility of your advanced practice, learn deep backbends, inversion variations, and stronger connection to the self through advanced postures. As with all practices, listen to your body and respect today’s limits. Regardless of how long you’ve been practicing yoga asana, there is always more to learn and deeper to dive. Gaia’s collection of level 3 classes can provide a level of challenge for even the most experienced practitioners in the physical asanas that are explored as well as the breathwork and meditation elements that may be introduced. Gaia’s level 3 online yoga videos are typically best enjoyed by those who have established a strong and stable yoga practice and who are comfortable with the use of Sanskrit, anatomical terms, and who have a decent general understanding of yogic philosophy. Teachers in level 3 classes may instruct more to the energetic understanding within the pose or the subtle anatomical shifts you can find by engaging and releasing certain areas of the body. Explore advanced variations of yoga postures as well as more complex sequencing and transitions between poses. Level 3 yoga classes on Gaia may feature fast-paced vinyasa flows, complex hatha sequences, and advanced Ashtanga variations. Regardless of how much time of your day you can commit to your yoga practice, Gaia’s collection of level 3 yoga classes are made up of a variety of durations to allow you to practice in a short or long amount of time. Delight in the new depths your body and mind can expand into with Gaia’s collection of level 3 advanced yoga classes.

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