In Vinyasa yoga, you'll flow from one pose to the next in order to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between movement and breath. Our Vinyasa yoga videos take dynamic yoga to a deeper level by integrating rhythmic breathing with conscious movement. In this style of yoga, you'll experience a wide range of variety in postures and movement. However, whether the class is slow or fast, the one thing you can always expect is the flow between poses. As in all physical yoga, you will increase strength and flexibility ? and by uniting body and breath, you?ll learn to move from moment to moment with absolute awareness. Gaia's Vinyasa yoga videos' strength lie in their diversity. There is no single philosophy or sequence that teachers must follow, therefore each class is a representation of the teachers own personality. Because of this creativity allowed, you'll find that classes can vary greatly from teacher to teacher. Our Vinyasa yoga videos may incorporate music, meditation, balancing postures, twists, backbends, and more. Whereas other forms of yoga may emphasize precise alignment, Vinyasa is focused on the ability to find your unique flow. If you are discouraged by one class, keep searching. Your right fit is out there. As you synchronize your breath with the continuous flow of postures, you'll begin to calm the mind and relax into the energy of your movements. The transition from one pose to the next carries the flow of energy to deepen your focus as the class progresses. Due to the vigorous activity and demand of strength and stamina, Vinyasa yoga is great for those looking for a more active workout style of yoga.

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